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LVL UP!! And thx everyone =)

2009-12-06 20:01:59 by Sephirot24

I want to thank titch007uk for including one of my songs in this awesome game called Level UP! It's a great feeling when someone actually looks for music in the Audio portal, and also seeing so much people who like my original work really fills me with joy! I really want to thank everyone who reviewed, downloaded and/or voted any of my stuff! ^^

While you're at it, you might want to check out some of my newer stuff I made this week.
This new ambient song is a huge accomplishment for me as a composer. I could successfully apply some things I learned recently. You can listen to it HERE!

Also, as a bonus, I made this short Victory Fanfare, for all your level ups, weapon gets, missions accomplished, goals reached, etc etc. You can check it out HERE.

I think that's all for now ^^

New song...

2009-11-23 22:38:29 by Sephirot24

Hey guys, check out my latest song. It's a mix of trance and house... lighthearted but catchy.

Here it is ^^

Also.. I'm probably not gonna be able to compose for 3 months as I'm not gonna be home. I promise to come back re-inspired and create new stuff when I come back...

New pokemon song! It's been a while guys =P

2009-08-23 19:45:05 by Sephirot24

Hi everyone! I died like about 2 months ago but was revived a couple of days ago with a phoenix down, so I decided to remake one of my favorite songs from Pokemon Gold / Silver : Routes 26, 27

Give it a listen! ^^
I hope you enjoy it =D

New Castlevania song!

2009-06-08 18:09:12 by Sephirot24

I've been playing Castlevania 1 and 3 on the NES lately and both have marvelous soundtracks... so I decided to make a remake of one of my favorites from 3, Aquarius!! Check it out ^^


2009-05-11 11:29:01 by Sephirot24

EDIT: ANOTHER NEW SONG!! =D Check it out here: Path of Anubis

Hello NG!

Just wanted to tell you I made my 2nd full song! It goes to ambient genre because it's fitting and because original creations don't get much attention in Video Game genre. It's called Forgotten Ruins and It'd be awesome if you could check it out (maybe vote and/or review ;)

Anyways... I probably will start taking this music business seriously. Since I was 3 years old I've always had 2 big passions in my life: Music and Video-games. I'll be researching how to become a composer like Nobuo, Hamauzu, Sakimoto, Kondo, or any other great composer you can think. I like music from LOTS of games so I have a lot of people to look up to. Wish me luck with this new career! XD

Also, on another note.. I beat I Wanna Be The Guy!! It took some time, practice and effort, but I beat it ^^ I must admit the final boss is the most difficult part DX I heavily encourage you to DL the game and try it! If you get past the 1st 2 screens you can take the whole game.


1st original song!

2009-04-24 13:11:00 by Sephirot24

Hi guys!

So, I just finished my 1st full original song and it'd be great if you could check it out, and maybe leave some comments / vote =) It would be very useful really!

Also, have you ever played a game called I Wanna Be The Guy? If you're interested in some 8-bit and 16-bit frustration go check it out! If you can keep calm enough to pass the 1st 2 or 3 screens you can pass the whole game. I'm playing it on hard right now (regular difficulty, although there's also "Normal") and I think the only difference it makes is how often you find save points (for HARD is every 2 screens so it's not too bad).

I'm progressing nicely XD for now... =P
Do you have what it takes to be the guy? lol ^^

A Message to all FFT fans!! and.. New songs ^^

2009-03-13 13:20:26 by Sephirot24

Hi guys... so.. I made another FF song. I hope you like it, go check it out XD

Also, I have been spending my time playing FFT lately.. but not just FFT. It's a mod called 1.3 . It's a more difficult version of FFT that removes everything that was broken (chantage, Brave/Faith modding, etc) and also has some minor changes on items and abilities in general. What it DOES have changed are battles. Enemies wear great item/ability setups now and it makes it SO much challenging and fun than regular FFT you wouldn't believe.

If you have played and beaten FFT, I seriously recommend you try this one out. Here's the link to the forum: Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 forum. All is explained there (check out the Master Guide first).

EDIT: Another new song. An 8-bit remake of Sky Sanctuary Zone from Sonic and Knuckles!

Happy Holidays!!! =D

2009-01-04 19:58:46 by Sephirot24

Hi everyone! I know I haven't submitted anything in a long time... I've been busy and kinda uninspired D:
I have some unfinished projects im my PC I'd like to finish later but right now I'm not home, and won't be for around a month and a half... so don't expect anything new soon (not that anyone checks my page... or even reads this but..)

ANYWAYS, when I make something new I'll tell u here and maybe PM those who favorited me :)
Happy Holidays for everyone!!!! ^^

New song... whatever

2008-11-07 08:06:46 by Sephirot24

Trying out gangsta style drums again. Sonic song this time around. Check it out =D

Also, if you like rap or hip-hop or w/e and think u have the balls, DL my song and rap to it! Then post it here on NG and PM me ;)

--SephXD-- OUT

ASDF loops !

2008-10-06 18:47:36 by Sephirot24

I'd like to see my stuff used in a flash so I decided I'll start trying out some quick loops.

I really need reviews because creating is a lot difficult than remaking, and I need to know what do you like and what you don't :P


EDIT: 2nd loop released under Ambience section...

EDIT2: loop #3 released, under ambient too.

EDIT3: another loop released under videogames.