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Entry #20

LVL UP!! And thx everyone =)

2009-12-06 20:01:59 by Sephirot24

I want to thank titch007uk for including one of my songs in this awesome game called Level UP! It's a great feeling when someone actually looks for music in the Audio portal, and also seeing so much people who like my original work really fills me with joy! I really want to thank everyone who reviewed, downloaded and/or voted any of my stuff! ^^

While you're at it, you might want to check out some of my newer stuff I made this week.
This new ambient song is a huge accomplishment for me as a composer. I could successfully apply some things I learned recently. You can listen to it HERE!

Also, as a bonus, I made this short Victory Fanfare, for all your level ups, weapon gets, missions accomplished, goals reached, etc etc. You can check it out HERE.

I think that's all for now ^^


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2010-07-20 11:22:09

guess what? its my B-day! plus, your music is awesome as always!