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New Castlevania song!

2009-06-08 18:09:12 by Sephirot24

I've been playing Castlevania 1 and 3 on the NES lately and both have marvelous soundtracks... so I decided to make a remake of one of my favorites from 3, Aquarius!! Check it out ^^


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2009-06-08 18:28:26

Pretty cool. I gave it a 4.

Sephirot24 responds:

Thx alot dude!! =D


2009-06-20 18:52:32

Found any good music amongst the Castlevania games I recommended? :P

Sephirot24 responds:

Yeah, they're quite nice, but I think I'd probably pick one from Castlevania 1 or 3 first (I have some still on my mind). I'm not home, and won't be for another week though.. so I can't start working on anything.


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