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New song... whatever

2008-11-07 08:06:46 by Sephirot24

Trying out gangsta style drums again. Sonic song this time around. Check it out =D

Also, if you like rap or hip-hop or w/e and think u have the balls, DL my song and rap to it! Then post it here on NG and PM me ;)

--SephXD-- OUT


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2008-11-08 13:48:32

final fantasy 7 rocks. best game ever.

Sephirot24 responds:

Right next to FFIX and FFT >:)


2008-11-27 18:15:24

Hey maybe I could rap, albeit badly and lots of the rhyming conneced with swear words and stuff like that and the rap being done by a teenage kid... Heh heh...

Sephirot24 responds:

Go ahead :P No one is looking for pro rappers here. Give it a shot if u like, I just want to see what people can do with that :S


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