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A Message to all FFT fans!! and.. New songs ^^

2009-03-13 13:20:26 by Sephirot24

Hi guys... so.. I made another FF song. I hope you like it, go check it out XD

Also, I have been spending my time playing FFT lately.. but not just FFT. It's a mod called 1.3 . It's a more difficult version of FFT that removes everything that was broken (chantage, Brave/Faith modding, etc) and also has some minor changes on items and abilities in general. What it DOES have changed are battles. Enemies wear great item/ability setups now and it makes it SO much challenging and fun than regular FFT you wouldn't believe.

If you have played and beaten FFT, I seriously recommend you try this one out. Here's the link to the forum: Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 forum. All is explained there (check out the Master Guide first).

EDIT: Another new song. An 8-bit remake of Sky Sanctuary Zone from Sonic and Knuckles!


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