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Woohoo, new songs, check'em out ^^

2008-09-27 20:14:20 by Sephirot24

That's it >_>
I hope it's better than the other sonic song I made D:

--SephXD-- OUT

EDIT: New FFVI song too! :D
Worked pretty hard on it. Plz listen to the whole song before voting and reviewing!

New SMB3 song, etc...

2008-09-09 19:39:07 by Sephirot24

GO now, check it out =D

This is one of the bunch I make in little time and ends up being on of my favorites ^^
I'm always trying to change styles from song to song, but generally I like this electro style like Electro Brinstar, Tropical berries or this one.

Well, hope you like it!

FFIV song! EDIT: 8-bit song released

2008-08-14 23:35:21 by Sephirot24

Hello NG!

I'm just here to tell you to go check out my new song (because I haven't posted anything in a while). I think it turned out pretty nice, and the original is a great song.

Also, I'm working on an 8-bit song (because they kick ass IMO)... so be on the lookout for (hopefully) next week...


EDIT: 8-bit Kirby 64 - Pop star released... woohoo ^^

PKMN and Zelda song....

2008-07-09 17:29:13 by Sephirot24

So thx to the university I don't have much time on my hands...
It has been some time since my last post so, enjoy while you can XD lol

PS: For those who've heard some of my songs, I wanna know what's the one you liked the most and why... I know I probably won't get many responses :(


T_T no one reads! see?!

Oh well.... check out my new Zelda song... whatever...

Metroid - Electro Brinstar !

2008-06-19 23:45:24 by Sephirot24

New song ^^

You are reading right, I usually take between 1 and 2 weeks but this took 2 days =D
For an in-depth description of the song, go listen to it, it's right there! :O

Also, thx for all the reviews and votes :)

And thanks for reading, DDD haha! XD


PS: ............what..............are..... for?!?! GO! NOW!! >=D

Final Fantasy IX !

2008-06-16 01:34:25 by Sephirot24

Just finished a new cool song from FFIX !

You're not alone is without any doubt one of the greatest songs ever in a videogame. I love FFIX; it's my fave game and Nobuo is the best VG composer IMO... so I was gonna do this someday.

I would have liked to wait a little more, but I remade it now for a friend of mine =P

I hope you all like it ^^ Go check it out now !!!! And maybe my other stuff too XD ! C'mon, it's not that much..


PS: Does anyone read this anyway...

New Final Fantasy V song !!!

2008-06-05 22:14:23 by Sephirot24

Go check it out guys !!! XD

I think it ended up being quite nice ^^

PS: my next song will most probably be a remake of "You're not alone" from FFIX... so for those of you who like it or just like FF / Nobuo , stay on the lookout for next week =D


New song !!!

2008-05-27 19:55:22 by Sephirot24

Finally finished the collab song I was doing with KujoGodOfWar :)

He gave it the final tweak and gave me the OK to post it.

It's a cool trance song! What are you waiting?! Go check it out!! XD

I hope you like it :) Review and vote plz!!


Working on some nice song...

2008-05-24 15:36:51 by Sephirot24

Hi everyone !

I'm posting just so that you know why I most likely won't post anything new this week.

The thing is I have some important exams coming up T_T so I won't have so much time to work... because making music sure needs time and inspiration XD

Anyways, I'm working on a nice song with KujoGodOfWar . He had this little flp file in his PC and he didn't have the time (or didn't want to, IDK exactly) to continue working on it. So the song was just a little something, about 30 seconds. But that's not the important thing.

The thing is: the instruments he chose, and the effects he used were awesome. And I felt really inspired and now I'm working on it and I think it's gonna be a really really cool song =) IDK if it will be trance, techno or whatever but it's not a Video Game song this time around :( lol

Well... maybe by the end of the next week it will be finished... I'd say it's 25% finished. It's 1 minute of the file he had (a little changed by me) and then another minute all by me so far. I hope we can finish it soon so you all enjoy the song =D

Cya next time! Don't forget to check my work and vote and review ^^


Hi everyone XD

2008-05-03 11:26:06 by Sephirot24

Hi guys !

I'm just starting to learn how to use FL Studio, and I hope to improve quick and make some good tracks :)

All the tips you provide are a big help. And if your reviews are constructive, a lot better ^^

Anyway, I hope you like my tracks, enjoy =D